Drew Brees apparently won’t be coming out of retirement during the 2021 season


More than a decade ago, Brett Favre proved that franchise quarterbacks can retire and unretire and re-retire and re-unretire. Drew Brees apparently won’t be following that path.

Asked by Mike Tirico, who handled the final Football Morning in America of Peter King’s annual break, whether Brees would return if a team needs an in-season injury replacement, Brees made it clear that he currently wouldn’t be ready to go.

“I better get my butt going if that’s the case,” Brees told Tirico. “There is a saying that if you don’t use it, you lose it. That’s the truth, my arm is killing me because I haven’t been training to throw. I actually feel worse now than at any other point in my career. I may have one throw, one series, one drive.”

That doesn’t mean Brees can’t re-use it and, in turn, un-lose it. But that’s unlikely. As football season approaches, Brees will be getting pretty busy, given his new NBC gig.

So don’t expect to Brees make an in-season decision to grab his helmet and return to the game. Unless he decides in the near future to try to get his arm back in football shape.